Improvement Plans

One of the main components of the Fairview Christian Academy’s accreditation process is our School Improvement Program.  The heartbeat of the Program is the School Improvement Plan (SIP), and each aspect of the plan involves making our academy the best place to educate our children.

In a nutshell, our School Improvement Plan is a data-driven document that allows the Administration to adequately map the vision of the Program.  It identifies and pursues the spiritual and academic goals of the academy’s mission statement by focusing on teacher effectiveness and student achievement.  The SIP also involves instruments to help ascertain areas of strengths and weaknesses.    From the data gathered, a strategic plan is devised to both maintain the strengths and improve areas of weakness.

Part of the SIP includes the physical plant of the school.  Many improvements have been made to our campus in the last five years that have added both a measure of safety and aesthetics to our facilities.  We have revamped our computer and science labs, purchased additional transportation, added age-appropriate playground equipment, installed a new gym floor, updated our library, renovated the elementary bathrooms, and added a sidewalk and patio to the front of the elementary and high school buildings.

A great majority of the funds needed to complete these projects have come from the Fairview Baptist Church, FCA fundraisers, and the generous donations of school families.