A Godly Heritage

Fairview Christian Academy was started as a ministry of the Fairview Baptist Church in 1977.

Originally, it was named 'McMinn Christian Academy'. At the time, it was one of a few Christian schools in the state of Tennessee. Now it is one of hundreds.

Fairview Christian Academy existed in 1977 for the same purpose that it exists today, to offer Christian parents a choice – something better for their children.

It was because of unbiblical influences in the public school system that Pastor Jack Scallions started the school.

It was his vision to start a school where students would be offered both academic excellence and a Biblical worldview.

For over twenty years, Pastor Scallions, our president, has been the president of the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools. He works with other leaders in the field of Christian Education around the country with the goal of making Christian Education better. He has been influential in offering accreditation privileges to Christian schools in Tennessee and has worked hard to see that the schools in the Tennessee Association both meet and exceed the requirements of their public counterparts.

Over the years Fairview Christian Academy has grown from a few students to a healthy, thriving school with a strong tradition. We are grateful for our heritage as a pioneer in the Christian Education movement, and we work hard to be worthy of it.